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The publisher organizes the retraction of articles according to the COPE protocol.

Based on the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) the publisher and the editorial board of the journal are guided by the following policy of revocation (retraction) of already published articles.

The published article is subject to review if:
— the publisher of the magazine there is a clear evidence of the unreliability of the information published, arising either as a result of the conscious action of authors (e. g., falsification of data), or because of honest error (errors in calculations or experiments);
— the conclusions contained in the article were previously published in another publication, and there are no proper references, permissions, and justifications for the need for re-publication (i. e., cases of duplicate publication);
— is plagiarism;
— describes unethical research.

Purpose of the review: The revocation procedure is used for publications with such serious violations (for any reason) that their conclusions cannot be considered reliable.

A review is a mechanism for correcting published information and alerting readers to publications that contain such serious flaws or erroneous data that cannot be trusted. The unreliability of the data may be the result of a good-faith error or deliberate violations.

Reviews are also used to warn readers about cases of duplicate publications (in cases where the authors present the same data in several publications), plagiarism, and conceal important conflicts of interest that may affect the interpretation of the data or recommendations for its use.

The review does not mean the removal of the article from the journal, from the publisher’s website (the journal’s website) or from the bibliographic databases. The article remains in all these resources with a clear notice of revocation and the preservation of the digital identifier of the object or other permanent link that determines its location. This is necessary because researchers have already been able to refer to the article and quote it, and therefore they need to be warned about its withdrawal.

The article may be withdrawn by its author(s), publisher or editor of the journal.

If the author(s) refuse to withdraw the article, the publisher has the right to withdraw the article without their consent, since it is responsible for the content of the journal.

Financial implications: In case of revocation of the article, the money received by the publisher from the authors for the services rendered will not be returned.

Procedure for retraction