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1. Manuscripts of the articles that are relevant to the themes and publication ethics of the journal are accepted for publication.

2. The manuscript should contain the following:
— Universal decimal code (UDC);
— information about the author in Russian and in English (full name, sceintific degree, academic title, position, place of work, work address, e-mail address (this information will be published), contact phone numbers and home address to mail the authors copy of the journal);
— the title of the article in Russian and English;
— summary in Russian and English;
— keywords in Russian and English;
— a list of references in Russian and English (the journal uses the system of endnotes, prepared in accordance with GOST 7.0.5-2008, the reference number and the page are given in square brackets in the text, footnotes are not allowed).

3. The article of no more than 16 pages in Word format is sent to the editors both in printed and electronic identical versions.

4. The text of the article should be typed using Times New Roman, font size — 14, line spacing — 1,5. Margins — 2 cm. on each side. Page numbering is required.

5. The editors reserve the right to make technical editing (which does not alter the meaning) of the author’s original.

6. If the manuscript is simultaneously sent, or has been sent to another publication, or has already been published previously, the author must inform the editor.

7. The author is responsible for the accuracy of quotations, names and surnames, digital data, dates, the availability of any data forbidden for publication in the open press.

8. It is presumed that sending the manuscript to the journal for publication the author transfers the right to upload the text of the article to the Internet (the web-site of the journal an integrated scientific information resource — Scientific Electronic Library).

9. The editors do not charge any fee for the publication of manuscripts.

Requirements for manuscripts